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European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)                  The Voice of Resins in Europe

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ERMA 4th Quarter 2018 News Paper "Résume"


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ECHA offers help for Brexit  (Source ECHA Newsletter - 20 November 2018)

  • The United Kingdom is withdrawing from the European Union at the end of March 2019. This decision has consequences for those working in the chemical industry, but also for companies in the remaining EU Member States and EEA countries doing business with the UK.
  • The EU and the UK have announced a draft Withdrawal Agreement. If the agreement is ratified, it may contain a transition arrangement, which would give companies a longer period to adapt to the consequences of Brexit. 
  • Based on the information currently available, ECHA providing advice to help companies prepare for the UK’s withdrawal taking full effect on 30 March 2019. How the withdrawal affects you depends on the role your business plays in the supply chain. If your UK-based business is connected to one of the remaining 27 EU Member States (the EU-27) or one of the three EEA countries, you will face some changes.

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA offers help for companies to stay on the British market.

In a short and comprehensive overview, ECHA explains how UK-companies can stay on the market legally by appointing a representative to manage their registrations or by moving the part of their business that is related to the registration to a EU-27 member state.​

                             For more information :



ERMA 2018 Annual Conference Participants Feedback (Suvery results)


The ERMA 2018 Annual conference was held on October 5th 2018 in the amazing and  full of contrasts city of Warsaw – the capital of Poland.

The gala dinner was a good opportunity for participants to enjoy the local foods and meet the speakers and other participants.

Annual Conference provided a successful platform for members and partners to discuss and raise questions. The Conference Survey feedbacks demonstrate that ERMA Conference was successful event.


The ERMA Annual conference minutes & speakers presentation are included in member area for members.


ERMA 2018 Annual Conference Feedback
2018 ERMA Annual Conference Survey Feedb[...]
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ERMA 2018 Annual Conference topics and registration form
2018 ERMA Annual Conference Registration[...]
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Registration numbers granted to 32 515 REACH 2018 registrations

Source: ECHA (September 2018)

Registration numbers have been granted to 32 515 dossiers out of the 33 363 dossiers that were submitted by the final REACH registration deadline on 31 May. These registrations cover 10 708 chemicals. The other dossiers still lack information and ECHA is waiting for companies to update them before granting registration numbers.

Keep your registration data up to date

ECHA reminds companies of their legal responsibilities to ensure the safe use of their chemicals, and to keep their registrations up to date to reflect, for example, the correct production volume, new uses, and the most recent safe use advice.

Link for more information:


ECHA and Cefic sign joint statement to work on effective implementation of REACH

Source ECHA: June 15th 2018


With the completion of the third registration deadline, REACH now regulates all chemicals on the EU market. In this context, all actors have to improve further REACH implementation; ECHA and Cefic signed a cooperation agreement that will further contribute to this.

The agreement is a commitment from both industry and ECHA to focus on improving the scientific assessment of some substances or groups of substances, further enhancing safety information and its communication across the supply chain.


Link for more information (ECHA News):



REACH: Authorities to focus on identifying substances of potential concern:

Source: ECHA, 17 April 2018


The focus of ECHA and Member States is on substances for which concerns have not yet been clarified. Currently, new data is being generated or assessed on 750 substances. Substances are increasingly addressed in groups based on structural similarity.
Key points:
-  Coherence of regulatory action of similar substances,
-  Avoid regrettable substitution of substances of SVHCs,
-  Generate further information on substances and mainly focus on the most crucial hazard 

    properties for protecting human health and the environment.



REACH 2018 (Source ECHA March 23rd 2018)

You can still submit a dossier by 31 May

If you have pre-registered substances that you manufacture or import from outside the EU above one tonne but not more than 100 tonnes per year and have not already registered them, the REACH registration deadline of 31 May 2018 concerns you.

If you are not able to submit a complete registration in time, you can still make a submission so that you can continue on the market until the Agency has assessed your case.

Link For more information:


Biocidal Active Substances
The active substance/product-type combinations provided by ECHA are all those for which an application for approval has been submitted under Directive 98/8/EC or Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, including "existing" active substances included in the Review Programme and "new" active substances.


For checking and view quickly your biocide(s) status, select summary in following link:


Link for mor information:


The status (Approved or Under review) of applications and approval of active substance/product-type combinations under the BPD or the BPR are included in summary table.

- Where an active substance has been approved, a link to the relevant legal act is provided.
- Where an active substance is not yet approved, it is indicated as "under review". 


REACH 2018 

  • If you have pre-registered substances that you manufacture or import from outside the EU above one tonne but not more than 100  tonnes per year and have not already registered them, the REACH registration deadline of 31 May 2018 concerns you.
  • To benefit from the 31 May 2018 registration deadline for low volume, existing substances, you need to have pre-registered them. You  can still do so if you have recently entered the European market. The last chance is on 31 May 2017. If you do not pre-register by that  date, you will need to register your substance before you can manufacture or import it.                                     For more information :

News, Conferences & Events

In order to help our members and visitors we share selected available information for public (Videos, documents, presentations, communications) from autorities, professional associations, academic and other sources. No representations or warranties are made with regards to completeness or accuracy and no liability will be accepted by ERMA or its members. 


Conferences & Events:

  • European Coatings Show                        19-21 March 2019                          Nuremberg - Germany
  • European Coatings Show Conference           18-19 March                                           Nuremberg - Germany


ERMA is actively involved to promote our European interest and ensure a uniform and concerted European approach

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