European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

Who are we?

The European Resin Manufacturers' Association (ERMA) was formed in October 1990 as an Independent Trade Association.


ERMA is actively involved to promote our European interests and ensure a uniform and concerted European approach.


The Association has many years experience successfully representing the interests of member companies to both government and regulatory bodies ERMA expertise encompasses the interpretation of health and safety regulations, the impact of environmental initiatives,setting quality standards and implementation of energy conservation measures.


Joining ERMA is a smart way to help your business for developing a high quality network with other entrepreneurs, stay up on industry news and influence decision makers for a sustainable business and activity.


ERMA membership is open to:                                                                                              - All European companies manufacturing resins, either for their own use or for sale,

 - All Raw materials Suppliers to European resin industry, European resin distributors and Independent     R&D laboratories working for resins industries (ASSOCIATE members),  





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