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European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

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ERMA position on use of biocides by water-based resins producers key points

  • ERMA is concerned by more stringent upcoming legislation on biocides which impacting biocide containing in water-based resins could develop creating an undesired situation.
  • The contaminated water-based resins are normally unusable for our customers and end users. And the resins manufacturers’ facilities could be highly impacted by product contamination. 
  • Members of ERMA have for many years invested in R&D to optimize their products preservation, balancing the risk of microorganism growth in the product and using safe, approved biocides at the lowest possible concentration in a responsible manner. Labelling of products help consumers already have access to many information linked to CLP and also required by the specific Regulation such as BPR.
  • ERMA members have experienced that the innovation is not only to have a new active substance, but part of a variety of integrated solutions such as formulations, plant hygiene, packaging, microbial control strategies with significant cost and time before final approval. 
  • ERMA Members and participants in 2019 ERMA Annual conference acknowledged that the use of preservatives in water-based resins and final products such as paints, printing inks and detergents is indispensable in the short/medium term, and that future availability of suitable preservatives is uncertain, it was therefore concluded that the issue has to be addressed in a pragmatic way under the BPR.
  • We continue to optimize our products preservation and provide customers and users the needed information to minimize the risks and working with our partners in R&D projects for that.



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