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European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

Our Mission

Approved by the Executive Committee in 1990, ERMA mission is "to help the European Resin Manufacturers members reputation by tackling industrials issues and helping the European resins industries to improve continuously its performance through Responsible Care®".

ERMA support members to meet the requirements of the European market and to provide an corporate platform to represent the legitimate interests of resin manufacturers. 

ERMA's aims

 -To develop a strong body of members across the whole of Europe to act as the recognised 'Voice

  of Resins in Europe'.

 -To promote the interests of the European resins industry as determined by its members.

 -To provide the services required by its members.

 -To fund and administer its operations in line with the above objectives.

 -To act as a forum for the exchange of views across the whole industry. 


How is ERMA run?


The conduct of the Association shall be vested in a General Assembly together with a Board


1. By an General Assembly elected by members at the Annual General Meeting with a

    biennially elected chairman. The General Assembly meets a minimum of twice per annum.


This committee reviews all matter affecting ERMA, decides policy and its implementation through

the permanent Director
the Chairman
the Board, Technical Committees,sub committees and working product groups, as


The Board of the Association comprises two to three elected Members and is attended by the 

ERMA Director, the Technical Committeee Chair and Sector Group Chair(s) as required by the 



2. The technical committee consists of representatives of member companies; the chair for this

    group is nominated by the committee. Meetings are held four times a year. It discusses

    developments in and the implementation of legislation, health and safety, standards, codes of

    practice, etc. The committee publishes reports and makes recommendations to the executive.


3. A Director is employed to administer and organise the activities of the Association.








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