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European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)

Why and how to Join ERMA?


Joining ERMA is a smart way to help your business for developing a high quality network with other entrepreneurs, stay up on industry news and influence decision makers for a sustainable business and activity.


ERMA is non-profit making, but it seeks to generate the funds necessary to ensure full benefits to its membership. These include:

  • Access to a professional body representing the Resin Industry to the outside world, including customers,
  • Guidance in meeting international safety and quality standards,
  • Guidance on political issues affecting the industry,
  • The resources of a technical consultant on a number of regulatory and standard setting bodies,
  • Co-operation in interpreting and implementing new regulations,
  • Regular newsletters giving information related to the industry,
  • The publication of a Resins Directory promoting members' products to buyers and technicians in companies throughout Europe,
  • Regular technical meetings to deal with members' needs or business issues,
  • A forum for the exchange of ideas on the resin industry social events

ERMA membership is open to:                                                                                              - All European companies manufacturing resins, either for their own use or for sale,

 - All Raw materials Suppliers to European resin industry, European resin distributors, Independent 

    R&D laboratories and services working for resins industries (ASSOCIATE members),  



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Please note based on ERMA Policy (Membership Terms and Conditions):

- ERMA remains an Independant Trade Association, 

- ERMA conference fee for member (up to 3 participants) is free of charge (minimum 1 conference per year).

- Curant Annual membership fee is 4000 €.

- Candidates applying as new member after April 1st will pay 50% of annual fee,

- Candidates applying between January 2nd and March 31st will pay the annual fee pro-rata till end of the membership year (September 30)


Terms & Conditions for membership termination:

 1- Send a membership resign letter to ERMA Director

 2- Ensure that the request is received by the director (Acknowledgment of receipt "e-mail")

 3- If the letter sent before annual General Assembly "Target October 1st", the resigned company should pay the next

      year (n+1) membership too.

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